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Wheel of emotional words, in case you’re having trouble finding the words these days

You’re probably feeling a range of emotions these days. It helps if you can express them. This emotional word wheel by Geoffrey Roberts might help:

I work with people who have limited emotional vocabulary and as a result the intensity of their negative emotions and experiences is heightened because they can’t describe their feelings (especially their negative feelings). That’s why this list is heavily focused on negative emotions/ experiences. Being able to clearly identify how we are feeling has been shown to reduce this intensity of experience because it re-engages our rational mind.

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[N] Joel Simon" Art, Machine Intelligence and Soft Robotics Design" IEEE RAS Robotics Podcast

Kindly we would like to share the episode with Joel Simon, you can find it here:https://soundcloud.com/ieeeras-softrobotics/joel-simon-art-machine-intelligence-and-soft-robotics-design

Please take in mind that I am not expert, I am passionate to learn and explore about the field, if you have any suggestions/improvements, we would be happy to hear, concerning the quality and production, we still few months in, and we are looking enhancing the quality and production.

Thank you!

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[N] Results are now Available for the precisionFDA, George Washington University, and FDA/CBER HIVE BioCompute Object App-a-thon


The results of the precisionFDA BioCompute Object App-a-thon and links to the top performing BCOs and app are now available here! Thank you to everyone in the MachineLearning community that participated, and congratulations to our top performers! The hard work put in by all participants will help improve reproducibility and documentation standards for bioinformatic assays and analysis.

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To All "Data Scientists" out there, Crowdsourcing COVID-19

Recently there's massive influx of "teams of data scientists" looking to crowd source ideas for doing an analysis related task regarding the SARS-COV 2 or COVID-19.

I ask of you, please take into consideration data science is only useful for exploratory analysis at this point. Please take into account that current common tools in "data science" are "bias reinforcers", not great to predict on fat and long tailed distributions. The algorithms are not objective and there's epidemiologists, virologists (read data scientists) who can do a better job at this than you. Statistical analysis will eat machine learning in this task. Don't pretend to use AI, it won't work.

Don't pretend to crowd source over kaggle, your data is old and stale the moment it comes out unless the outbreak has fully ended for a month in your data. If you have a skill you also need the expertise of people IN THE FIELD OF HEALTHCARE. If your best work is overfitting some algorithm to be a kaggle "grand master" then please seriously consider studying decision making under risk and uncertainty and refrain from giving advice.

Machine learning is label (or bias) based, take into account that the labels could be wrong that the cleaning operations are wrong. If you really want to help, look to see if there's teams of doctors or healthcare professionals who need help. Don't create a team of non-subject-matter-expert "data scientists". Have people who understand biology.

I know people see this as an opportunity to become famous and build a portfolio and some others see it as an opportunity to help. If you're the type that wants to be famous, trust me you won't. You can't bring a knife (logistic regression) to a tank fight.

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