My boss proposes infeasible projects and doesn’t like confrontation, advice?


Hey guys, so I’m working as a Data Scientist in real estate. My boss proposes projects with insanely large data he’s thrown into google big query.

He has a very limited background in CS and I’ve had to optimize a lot of his code / ETL pipelines just to make everyone else’s life easier. He got the position as it’s a group of friends who started the company, designated himself as the head of data science.

He’s proposing ideas that, in an optimal setting with a large budget, it would be feasible. I’ve talked to him about it and he’s dismissed my concerns.

Alarming extra concerns: 1) he was amazed that I used terminal. 2) he doesn’t understand basic linear algebra.

I’m concerned for my safety in the company. If I can’t fulfill my boss’ project proposals / ideas, I’ll be let go.

Please, I’d love some advice. Thanks Gang!

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